Wednesday, 10 April 2013

my cards

Thought that I really ought to show you the cards that I put on the boat to Herm at the beginning of the week. They are all images of work I have done in applique and hand embroidery and then printed in Guernsey.
Yacht: which is flying the Guernsey flag, a combination of the red cross of St George and the gold cross of William the Conqueror.

Mackeral (really love these smoked!)

St Peter Port: with St James on the sky line (were I work as my proper job)

Puffin: this card now has a white boarder, need to get a new image done, especially as I have just noticed my garden bin in the back ground ;-/

Tomato: with its Guernsey French translation

Chancre: when you see brown crabs on menus here they are always called Chancres which is their Guernsey French name and they are delicious, the best in the world!  When I was little I thought a Chancre was a totally different species, oops........

Herm and Jethou: not such a nice day when I came to take this photo.  This is the view of the other islands from St Peter Port. 

These cards are available from Lovely Pops Mill Street, The Press Shop, Candie Museum, The Tapestry Gallery, Coach House Gallery and the Herm Gift Shop.  Or you can contact me directly. Hope you like them?

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