Saturday, 27 April 2013

Old stuff

When I was in Sark last weekend, I had a lovely lady come up to me and say how much she loved my machine embroideries. 

We are sailing
Now its always lovely to get a compliment but the problem was I hadn't done any for a good few years as I have been focusing on my appliques more.
Knight in shinning armour
And she got me thinking.  The main reason for this change was boringly mundane, the cost of box frames for my little embroidered cushions had sky rocketed and was no longer feasible.
Angels and cherubs
But a lovely friend has given me a tip off, and I visited the tip off yesterday and well lets say I am now back in business!

a commission done a few years ago
They were ash box frames, but will now be limed wood, and think they will look great.  Will just have to over come the other problem, which was being lazy!  You see I can do the hand embroidery/applique in front of the tv/fire being sociable with Chris, this type involves me going up to the sewing room and shutting my self away.  There I have said it, so now I have to do something about it, and I promise you I will!

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