Sunday, 21 April 2013

a weekend in Sark; part one

This weekend, we have gone over to Sark with Bailey, to catch up with his family, and see is sister Imogen in the island am dram production of Oliver. 
And wearing a dress I made for her, so I have a vested interest!!
 And what a beautiful day to sail.
  Leaving St Peter Port with the reassuring sight of the Lifeboat
 and the ambulance boat 'Flying Christine'
 The light house at the entrance of the harbour with Castle Cornet on the left.
 the ethereal late afternoon light
The Wave Piercer arriving from Poole, I always think it looks like a James Bond Stealth Boat!
The castle on Breqhou, very controversial, its self and its owners!  A bit rough at this point so impossible to get a straight horizon! 
 On the horizon you can see Herm and Jethou to its left.
 Arriving at the tiny Maseline harbour
Sark is unique as cars are baned, its all tractors, bicycles and horse and carriages.  The island is a tall plateau of rock with steep climbs up the cliffs to get to the top, but once you are there its pretty flat.  So when you land you can either climb Harbour Hill and
 maybe have a restorative pint in the the Bel Air at the top!
Or you can take the delightfully named Toast Rack which is towed up the hill by a tractor, for the bargain price of £1.00, definitely worth it!

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