Sunday, 7 April 2013

Getting out on the cliffs

Glorious day yesterday, the wind had dropped and the sun way out in a beautiful blue sky, but I was in the Gallery all day. So after I finished Chris picked me up and we headed out to Icart on the south coast for a walk.
why on earth would I want to live anywhere else?

you know summer is on its way when you start getting the smell of coconut coming off the gorse in the sunshine!

  A beautiful place to have a memorial to an amazingly brave man.
Hubert Nicolle was a Guernsey man in the British Army during WW2, our island was occupied by the Germans, and the Brits wanted to have some insider knowledge on what was going on.  So Hubert was signed up for the job.

He was brought over by submarine and then rowed a shore, and climbed these cliffs. got the information that was needed, but due to the weather the submarine couldn't come back for him, and he was abandoned in enemy territory.  He wasnt in British uniform, so if he handed himself in he would be shot as a spy, so his only option was to get hold of some sort of uniform so he would be classified as a prisoner of war.  Not easy.

In the end he went to his parents house, and  they spoke to people they trusted and managed to find an old uniform and he handed himself in as POW, and was sent to Germany.  But every person that helped him, 16 I think, were punished and were all sent to an interment camp in Germany as well.

We must never forget them all.

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