Saturday, 20 April 2013

following in Renoirs foots steps

 Am such a lucky girl, I have a Saturday off, and the sun is shinning, the sky is blue and the sea is sparkling.  So we are making the most off it and heading out for a walk on the cliffs round
 Moulin Huet (pronounced wet)
The stream that fed the water wheel of the old 'Moulin'
 First glimpse of the sea, yipee!
 What an idyllic place for a cottage, heaven in the summer, though I am sure they are cold and damp in the winter.....
 Blue bells out in force now
 The sign just above the bay showing the painting Renoir did of it when he visited  the island in 1883.
And the bay its self at low tide, its more of a rockpooling, climbing, exploring and having some space to your self type of bay, than huge expanse of sand.  I love it.

 Wild forget-me-nots, these are tiny, each flower is about 2mm across,
small but very beautiful, worth looking for
Me, as normal, colour co-ordinated with the landscape!
Oh and Petit Port is in the back ground, that is an expanse of sand, but it is a long climb down very steep steps, so you do end up with the beach to your self and the odd boat.  But dont even think of going there at high tide, cause it wont be there!

 The long climb back up the cliff,
 but it will mean we can enjoy our barbie at lunch with out any guilt!
The back of my favourite house in the island

We have a lovely custom here of 'hedge veg', trust is a given.  This is one of the best, and you can see the grower in the back ground on his tractor.
Right I had better go and help Chris with the barbie, lamb burgers I think......

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