Monday, 2 September 2013

first attempts, will start at the head and work down....

Well I promised I would have a go at my own ideas, and this little head is done using the remains of the fleece from the kit. Which is why he is turquoise!

do rather like him, but not sure how to use him.......
So I had a rethink and was given some natural coloured fleece by Iris and Dora
Thank you girls!
And so I decided to do a donkey
The donkey is the symbol of a Guernsey person, just like the British Bulldog.
Some say its because we have short legs and are stubborn, but unfortunately the reason is a lot more mundane, it was a football insult hurled at us by Jersey supporters in the early 1900's....oh well.
But I am proud to be a DONKEY!!!!!!

And am also rather proud of him,
 might make him in to a broach, or maybe something else?????
But first I am going to set myself the challenge of making the rest of him!
Wish me luck I will keep you posted ;-)

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