Wednesday, 18 September 2013

and the winner for beautiful bean is!

Ment to post these photos at the weekend but it all got away from me, sorry!
Every week we have Tasty Friday in the Market Square,
 where local food producers sell their wears.
Well this week  the lovely Mrs Ephgraves had these beautiful borlotti beans
Well had to get them, just loved the colour and pattern, actually think it would make a brilliant fabric design, good combination, very pale green with a deep red almost pink, must remember that....

The young beans are a very pale green, but the older bigger beans have a similar patter to the pods.
Well its definitely feeling like autumn is on the way now, so they went in a lamb stew, which was yummy, not quite ready for a fire yet, but looking forward to that, 
I do like the seasons changing, I couldn't live any-where where it was always hot, would get bored!
Sorry have managed to turn Italics on but cant turn it off!!!!

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