Sunday, 22 September 2013

brilliant late summer swim

Well I did it!
After a very foggy start, the sun came out for lunch, and after a good few hours tiding up the garden, we headed down to the south end of Vazon which is called Richmond. 
Low tide isn't the best time to go, mainly as its so far to walk! 
 But its always best to act when you get the feeling ;-)

Tips on sea swimming, wild swimming, or as we say just swimming!
 The painful bit is crossing the giggle line.
But once you get past that and your shoulders are under then its gorgeous,  
 You see those two boats in the fore ground, well I swam out to the second one,
it doesn't look far but it felt good, we stayed in for about 15mins, and then the cold began to creep in.
So time to leg it for the towels.
Driving along the coast later we kept getting gorgeous wafts of aniseed coming in through the window from the sun warmed wild fennel in the sand dunes, beautiful evening.

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