Friday, 20 September 2013

last days of summer in the water lanes

Its been pretty stormy for a few days and now it looks like we might be getting a little Indian summer
So we got out on to the cliffs on the south coast, between the headlands of Jerbourg (below) and Icart
There are some beautiful trees around here, think they are ever-green oaks and seem to be just clinging to the rocks, how they survive I don't know!

We bumped into a lady who had just been swimming with her dog down at Moulin Huet, said it was beautiful, I can well believe her, the second half of the year is always warmer and at the moment its a rising tide in the afternoon so perfect. Think I might go in on Sunday. Hold me too that wont you!
Heading up from the cliffs and up the valley
And at the Moulin Huet car park we turned right and head up the Water Lanes, these are very, very old roads, you can still the cobbles at the side of the stream.
a water fall in Guernsey?!!!! No, don't be silly!
And probably our only proper bridge, over here we do every thing on a very small scale

And to the beautifully controlled source, where the stream appears from an elegant granite well
And on the way back to the car we saw this amazing character face sticking out of the hedge,
isn't he brilliant!  Think a whole story could be written about him, its definitely a him isn't he?
I think he is called Herbert, good bye Herbert!

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