Sunday, 8 September 2013


During the summer I work nearly every Saturday but yesterday I had the afternoon off and the sun same out and it was a very, very low tide.
Low tide?  Why is that important?
Well as dreadful as it sounds I have never been to Lihou, a small island off our west coast that is connected to us by a tidal causeway.
Chris decided that had to change, so we headed west.
The notice board at the top of the cause way lets you know the times its open,
as does the tide time page in the Guernsey Press. 
You really don't want to get stuck with the tide, cause it would be really embarrassing!
Heading down across the cause way,
 I do love the way the stones have been laid, beautiful, but also so organic.
You can see the only house on the island on the horizon,
do take shoes that don't mind the sea as they will get wet!
Looking back at Guernsey and one of our many German Fortifications
Ok, was going for a very bright look this morning, I do love my colour ;-)
one of the many huge rock pools on the way over
We made it!
looking south to Le Hanois lighthouse
The house we saw before is the only building on the island, it used to be private, but about 10 years ago the island was given to the Guernsey National Trust.  And you can now rent the house,  my friend Emma holds yoga weekends there, it must be beautifully calm when the tide is up and you are cut off from Guernsey.

Before the house, the island was home to a monastery for centuries,
 now this beautiful ruin is all that is left.
You are just north of L'Eree beach and so you get a fantastic view of Fort Grey or as the locals call it 'The Cup and Saucer'
Big open skies and rolling moor land, it really was beautiful, looked good for kayaking as well, though will have to do some reading up as the tides round there are pretty hairy!

Good bye Lihou, I promise not to leave it so long next time

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