Tuesday, 24 September 2013

its nearly harvest!

Well I mentioned that on Sunday we spent a good few hours inn the garden getting the jungle back under control!  The warmth and showers have meant everything has gone crazy, the cosmos was turning into a tree, so had to go, as had the pelargonium (thought they just had a harsh haircut). Discovered the Japanese anemonies were flowering as the back, but couldn't see them because of the cosmos! 

But a lot more interesting were our edible crops!
 Chris's tomatoes are doing really well up on the roof, remarkably we have a few red ones, even though they aren't under glass.  Thought I was going to be making loads of green tomato chutney, that will still be happening, just not quite so much, which is a pity as its yummy.

Look a red one! So proud!!!!

Don't know if we can pick it, it looks so gorgeous, oh Caro don't be silly, you soft sod!
These squashes appeared from our compost dug into the flower beds, Mrs Ephgraves, thinks they must be happy to have seeded them selves, and that we should wait till the foliage dies back and see what they are like then, so we will wait and see.
Getting a handful of Autumn raspberries every morning, just enough to go one our cerial, but not enough for jam.
What a treat, the taste is sublime.
The fig crop still keeps coming, its definitely been our best year, think we must have had about 100 by now.
Little wild strawberries still keep reveling themselves from under their leaves.
And the rainbow chard just goes on and on.
We have decided to give the tomatoes alittle help with a little plastic greenhouse, so lets see if we can get a few more red ones!!!!!

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