Wednesday, 11 September 2013

What a surprise, it was delicious!!!!!

There seems to be a glut of marrows over here, I keep coming home to find a few on my door step.
Well I have made 11 jars of apricot and date chutney (marrow is what bulks it out)
the River Cottage preserving book,
 and I am sure it will be yummy, but can't taste it for a couple of months. you have to let it mature.
I have also stuffed them, roasted them and added them to pasta sauces.
But I was getting boarded.

Then on my facebook page a recipe popped up - thank you Rebecca.
Marrow and  pecan cake!
We made it last night and it was gorgeous,
we enjoyed it so much
 that I forgot to take a photo till it was nearly all gone!

The recipe said to make a cream cheese maple syrup frosting, like on carrot cake
but I don't like those big thick slabs of icing, too rich
 (especially on cup cakes, I am more interested in the cake than 2 inches of butter icing, ugggh!).
So I made a maple syrup water icing, perfect.
And it went down very well with every one in the office at St James, actually they want more!
Also thank you Kate for the marrow, actually gratefully received :-)

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