Friday, 30 August 2013

I can feel the start of a new adiction.....

When I was in Petworth with my sister in July, I picked up a needle felting kit, now I am not usually a fan of kits, but this was something totally new too me, and I thought it might be a gentle introduction.
Well, I had a go earlier this month, and think I am hooked! This little bird was produced in a couple of hours, by a total novice!
With traditional felting you are agrevating the scales on the fiber shaft with heat (hot water) causing them to lock together or felt. With needle felting you are using a small barbed needle to do the same thing, but with out the mess or your finger tips ending up look like dried prunes!  Though those same fingers did get stabbed a fair few times, so not sure which is the lesser of two evils......
I am not very goods at sitting in front of the telly in the evening not doing anything, and some times if my fabric is stretched too tight over the hoop embroidery can be very squeaky (!) Which to Chris is like running your fingers down a blackboard (ugggh!)  So here is the perfect evening craft, yippee ;-)
Right so now we leave the kit behind and start experimenting with my own ideas and designs, lots in the pipe line, will keep you posted xxx
oh and sorry spell check isn't working

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