Tuesday, 13 August 2013

We are sailing

As my brother and husband will verify I am not naturally comfortable in yachts,
 I prefer my boats fast and without a tendency to keel sharply. 
 There I have said it I prefer motor boats!
When I was eleven I learnt how to sail in a little mirror dingy with a red sail, I was perfectly happy just pottering about, but my older brother was a very good racer and it was expected that I would follow him.  But I do not have a competitive bone in my body, so that wasn't a good start.

Then one cold, grey spring morning my friend and I capsized our dingy in the wake of Sealink (one of the massive cross channel ferrys) as it entered the harbour, and I lost one of my jelly shoes.
And that was it I was put off for life!!!!!

But I do like stitching Yachts! 

So when my friend Susie asked my to do one for our friend Sam's sons christening, it was a pleasure.

Sam is a Guernsey girl so her son's yacht had to be registered in Guernsey,
hense the flag and GU on the sails.
The Guernsey flag, as I think I might have mentioned before, is a combination of the red cross of St George (England) with the gold cross of William the Conqueror (Normandy).
A perfect explanation of our heritidge.
Very pleased with it and hope Luke likes it to.
Tempted to do a whole floatiler now!

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