Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Lots of memories at Giverny

About 30 years ago I visited Giverny with Mum, Dad
 and Aunty Jan (my Mums best friend and now my surrogate Mum)
Giverny was the home of Claude Monet, and its garden inspired many of his paintings as did the surrounding countryside.
And this summer I returned.

The very famous Japanese bridge over the water lilies.
And these grand weeping willows also were preserved in paint.

As was this boat, though not sure if it is the original!  Think that would have rotted years ago....

Trying to recreate this photo of Aunty Jan, though she manages to look a lot more elegant! And theres a lot more greenery now.

The Nymphia (water lilies), rather pleased with that reflection.
I know it looks like we had the place to our self and we did arrive at gates opening, but unfortunately so did 2 River Cruise boats discharging about 150 people, and the garden was heaving, I did feel sorry for the cruise people, they were like sheep being shepherded around, queueing to get on the Japanese bridge, it didn't look enjoyable or relaxing.  The chap at the entrance gate said they get about 2000 people through a day in the summer months.
Its still a very beautiful garden, and definitely worth visiting, but you just have to accept that there will be crowds. They have now roped off a lot of the paths, so you can get photos with out loads of people around you!
The beautiful nasturtium walk
The balcony out side his house, and trying to recreate an old photo, and once again Aunty Jan manages to look more elegant....think I should invest in a flowery sundress, might help!

Monet also had amazing interior ideas, the dinning room is butter yellow and the kitchen is floor to ceiling blue and white tile (wouldn't mind that for us one day) but no photos in the house. 
If you are ever in Northern France, near Rouen, do take time to visit Giverny, but don't turn round and head back the way you came, carry on down the Seine, the country side is beautiful, inland chalk cliffs full of caves, and very French villages. Enjoy and explore ;-)

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