Sunday, 25 August 2013

Hotel de Suhard

This is the first time we have found a hotel through Sawdays, and if this is a taste of their standard, then roll on many more holidays to come!

Welcome to Hotel de Suhard
in Belleme, Normandy

Its a beautiful town house that has been lovingly restored by Josiane and Joel, who has absolutely stunning taste, just look at the beautiful banister!  The stairs were stunning, the patina on the wood showed the story hundreds of years of families living and loving their home
 Then on the top floor, we opened the door to our room, and this is what greeted us......
 What a bathroom!!!!!!

Then through into our bedroom, with this gorgeous view out over the garden and
then on to the forest.

The house dated back to the 16th century and has an unusually large back garden, with lots of little private seating areas where if the sun is out you can enjoy your breakfast.
Or you could always have it a deux in the elegant sitting room, with Joel and Josianes attentive service

Though its just as lovely a room to relax in after a long walk and before heading out to super, cheers!

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