Tuesday, 20 August 2013


Chris and I have just come back from a lovely few days in France.
Definitely Franco phials!
We like exploring new areas together and this time we headed to Le Perche region of Normandy in L'Orne.  Its a National Park between Alencon and Paris, just below Calvados and the village of Camembert.  So as you can imagine a lot of eating was going to happen!
We decide to base ourselves in the medieval village of Belleme
Isn't this such a French road? A pretty good entrance to the village.
I think I am right in saying that it was an idea of Napoleon's to plant tree lined roads
 to shelter the marching armies from the sun.  
Our elegant hotel www.hotel-de-suhard.fr it was beautiful and would definitely recommend it, but will show you more photos later.
It was just so French, lots of winding little streets
Secret corners, arch ways through the medieval battlements
and mysterious heads high up in the walls

the patterns on the walls that can only ever be achieved through time

Ornate window surrounds, curly balconies, and a very handy sun dial (as long as the sun shines!)
And how about this for an amazing window? 
 It was just over a normal door in a normal but pretty street.
The village is on the top of a hill, the castle would have been with the medieval walls, sadly it is no longer there, just a car park, but a car park with a stunning view!  Well placed to see your enemy approaching, or in our case to have a picnic, charcuterie, baguettes and cornichons, yum......

a dramatic sunset for the end of our day over some very French Pollard ed trees

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