Saturday, 30 November 2013

November Nuttiness!!!!

Chris's good mate Ewan has a tradition that every November we go over to Herm for his birthday.
And today was a beautifully atmospheric day, with stunning light coming down over Castle Cornet as we left the harbour on Travel Trident. In the run up to Christmas TT do Herm shopping Saturdays where the boat is free, and so it was packed with families and very happy dogs!


It was a low tide so we landed at Rosaire steps in the south of the island
and headed off up on to the cliffs.

The big legs had to walk slower so the little legs with us could keep up!

This little island off Jethou, Crevichon, is missing a chunk, I was always told when I was growing up that it was a granite quarry and that the stone from there was used to build the steps of
St Paul's Cathedral.  Not totally sure if that is true but its a good story!

These three are the November Nutters, and you will see why soon.....

Belvoir Bay, a big clue!

Ewan checking out the waves

And Chris just double checking again....

'Come on Chris lets do this!'

And they are in!
Max was in too, I would have been, but still got this damn cold,
and that's my story and I am sticking to it!

Lovely out here isn't it?
Just floating around pretending it isn't freezing,
but in that strange way the sea is warmer in November than in May I think.
All to do with absorption of the heat from the sun all summer, and it only looses it in Jan/Feb, then takes ages to warm up again.


Then home to warm up and get cosy by the fire after a mulled Rocquettes cider in the Mermaid, very good day.

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