Thursday, 7 November 2013

Those magic eyes are watching you!

Have you ever walked through town and felt some one was watching you?
Walking up to the Red Onion and Casa Lola were you aware of eyes?
Well next time look to your right.....

There you go, hes watching you! This little chap is medieval,
 but we aren't actually sure why he's there. But the guess is that when this building
was a family house,
 he protected the inhabitants from the evil eye!

Then head up to Corner Stones and Cock and Bull, but turn right towards the sea,
and there is a red house door on your right

a door with gorgeous views

and there by the number 7 are two pairs of spectacles!

more ancient evil eye protectors,
and I am sure there are more round the island, have you seen any others?
Would love to know

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