Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Lovell and Vie

Have just had a great couple of days on the mainland. Caught up with a college friend on Sunday after a horribly early start on the red eye (alarm going off at 5.45 with a hangover - not good!!!).
And after a couple off strong coffees had a great time
 Christmas shopping at the  Renegade Craft Fair in Brick Lane
Then off to Sevenoaks to catch up with my sister, and see her new shop!
Lovell and Vie (pronounced Via)
a gorgeous new lingerie shop in Hollybush Lane.
check them out on facebook

its a beautifully elegant shop
with space to wander and browse

Theres a great selection of undies including Chantelle and Freya

As well as swim wear for those lucky enough to be heading off to the sun this winter.

Ohh look at a gorgeous orchid
sent from my brother and I!

Now those are my sort of colours

And you definitely cant beat lacy scondies!

British handmade soap, perfect stocking fillers

So if you are in Sevenoaks do pop in and say hi to Kari and my sister Serena,
I know they would love to see you

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