Tuesday, 19 November 2013

hidden harbours

This morning I was heading back from the Vale, as my car needed a new indicator light. Note to Renault, it would really help we could change our own bulbs, having the manual say restricted access, go to garage, isn't helpful! Especially for a French make where the law says we need to have headlight bulbs in the car at all times, not much use if the car is designed so you cant do it yourself.....
Rant over.
Well there was a fantastic sky which was stunning, so I pulled over at the Half Way to capture it, and then looked down at the beach (which is one of those better for atmospheric walks than sunbathing).

And for the first time noticed this pier,
had seriously never seen it before ,
its beautiful curve providing shelter to small boats at low tide.

There are quite a few of these little low tide piers (jutting off from half way down the beach) round the island, and are perfect in the summer for small boys to jump off and go crabbing.

you do have to admire the craftsmanship and the skill, this is at low tide so you can see how difficult it must have been to build.

the strange thing is all others are marked on the Ordnance Survey map, but not this one.....

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