Friday, 1 November 2013

a plethora of pumpkins

Immie and I headed down to Brookands Farm in Kings Mills to choose our pumpkins, and I think we can safely say we are self sufficient in pumpkins, they were all grown down by Cobo!

Think these are just abit too big for outside our house.....

Got some of these for super on Sunday,
 they are delicious roasted whole, with a nob of butter, s and p and nutmeg, yum.

All the edible and ornamental ones a beautifully displayed inside
the elegant Victorian lean too green house

Immie and Jeffry, really had no idea why she chose that name, or why its a he.....

Jeffery on the right and Bob on the left, and they did the trick and attracted loads of trick and treaters, had to go out and by more sweets...



Looking a Bob this morning, and I knew he reminded me of someone......


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