Friday, 29 November 2013

Brighton Rocks!

Sorry I have been off line all week, we have been away and I have been rather snotty!
First a lovely weekend in Brighton with very old friends, then I went with Chris on a business trip to Paris! Lucky me, but a bugger about the cold......

This was Chris's visit to Brighton and Emma's boys felt that the most important thing for him to see was the pier!  Next time we will do the Pavillion.

Glitter balls on the beach seemed very appropriate for Brighton, the party town!

Such a traditional pier, with lots of family fun
Two huge arcades, full of flashing, money eating monsters.  Though I must admit that as a student I loved those ones where you are trying to push the 2p pieces off the edge, horribly addictive!

The Brighton wheel is a new addition since I was last here, looks good.
The one thing the boys insisted on was that we had to do was the Ghost train, got to admit it was a first for me, great fun, but got to admit I wasn't really scared.........

Then back to the Arcades..... think the adults were more competitive than the kids!

Up on to the Brighton Wheel, very like the London Eye, but faster and you get three rotations not just one.

We really did have perfect weather for it, not a cloud in the sky and not a breath of wind.

A brilliant way to see Brighton and out towards the White Cliffs, but not quite Dover

Then along the beach, which is always buzzing, for lunch.

Think this sums up Brighton Beach totally!!!!

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