Thursday, 5 December 2013

Tour Effiel

And back to our weekend away!
Chris was working in Paris, so it seemed wrong not to tag along, and maybe do a course while there (but more of that later)
We only had one morning together, and seeing as we were up by the Trocodero I wanted to take Chris to Museum of Modern Art to see Matisses 'Dance', a stunning collage that I always make a pilgrimage too, as I first went there with my Mum.  It was done for a Museum in America in the 1930's too fit in a series of arches, but some one got the measurements wrong! So it was done again, and the first one lives in Paris
But I got my days wrong, and it was closed on Monday mornings, really should have checked my guide book.......
Well the only other thing in walking distance was the Effiel Tower
 and decades since I last went up it 

Even in November the queue to get up in the lift was large and we didn't have time.

But the queue for the stairs was non existent....
So up we went, and was fine till we got close to the first level and then my legs started to shake.

Good views though, hope some fire engines were heading towards that smoke?

Sacre Coeur

Now we could have gone on up t the next level, but my jelly legs weren't feeling brave enough.
It was actually worse going back down, very wobbly, had to consentrate very hard, couldn't talk (yes it was that bad), vertigo always takes me by surprise. Was very glad to be back on terra ferma.


Well we got that far, and it was worth it

Will always love Paris, gorgeous city.

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