Friday, 27 December 2013

A Traditional Guernsey Christmas

If I am at home for Christmas I always try to partake of an old Guernsey tradition
that is believed to have started in 1886. 
That is the Polar Bear Swim!!!!
 Having been to midnight mass, it really is a most exhilarating way to start the day before heading in decadence before finally falling a sleep on the sofa.
After the storms earlier in the week, Christmas morning was bright and
 sunny though still windy down at the Victorian bathing pools. 
 That with a high tide was going to be interesting!

My lovely friend Vicky joined me, and as we stood looking at the sea with apprehension, it dawned on me that the waves were actually going to make getting in easier as getting past the giggle line is always the hardest part!

It doesn't matter how far you swim, but swim you must, hair doesn't need to get wet,
 but wetsuits are definitely cheating.

a few strokes done and a quick and undignified climb out

and straight into our wrap for a restorative swig of sloe gin from Chris's hip flask.
Now the strange thing is we were definitely colder before we got in than when we got out, something to do with the blood vessels rising to the skins surface, so I am told.

Two proud girls with their certificates as proof and ready to go and celebrate Christmas :-)

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