Wednesday, 11 December 2013


The last of my Paris posts.
While Chris was in his meetings, I treated my self to some stitching decadence,
 in the form of Lesage haut couture embroidery atelier.  Its an amazing place in the heart of Paris, with its birth in 1853, they produced work for Charles Worth, Madam Vionnet and Elsa Schiaparelli. Then in 2002 they came under the wing of Channel, who are actively working to protected these specialist Ateliers.  It really is an awe-inspiring place.

Was actually very nervous going, don't know why, and still was in the midst of a horrid cold.
Arrived abit early and the teachers were in the midst of lunch and
 typically French said so and to come back in 10 mins! 
It was a real mixed bunch of students, a lot of Japanese, a smattering of Americans, a heavily pierced chap from New York who loved sequins, a fashion designer from London, a beautiful French girl and me, unable to breath, surrounded by nasal sprays, tablets and hankies.....
Really not feeling glamorous at all, actually rather provincial, but I loved it!
We were all working on different projects from Professional courses that take 150 hours and cost a small fortune, to me doing 6 hours of sequin work.
 I had a lovely tutor called Annie who was from French Canada and so had very good English,
she was fascinated by Guernsey ( I was the first student from here!),
 she had friends who had been to the Iles Chausey , which is the French Channel Island.

It was so peaceful sitting in the studio just stitching, the attention to detail was amazing, getting the direction of the tiny bugle beads all heading the same way. The finished effect was gorgeous.
 Only got a quarter done there, half way through now.  Am looking forward to having a go at doing my own designs, as would love to do something really colourful, loved the pieces the 150 hour students were working on, layers of Japanese fans. But you have to walk before you run don't you?

Best of all it felt good being in Paris as a student not a tourist!

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