Saturday, 15 March 2014

see I am not the only mad one in this family!!!!

I am opening the Tapestry Gallery for the Summer Season on Monday, and that means I will be working most Saturdays.  So as the fog had at last gone, Chris and I decided to make the most of this and headed over to the island of Herm for the morning
Coffee on board Travel Trident, with loads of Lycra clad cyclists and Annette Henry heading over to take a Hen Party on a guided tour, now if those two meet it could be interesting!!!!

Now seeing bikes heading to Herm is rare as hens teeth, as they are not normally allowed, but this group had been given special permission to have a race round the island before the main tourist season starts in April.

Wanted to show you this boat 'Little Herm'  its owned by the island and if the weather is too rough for Trident and the children cant get home at the weekend (from school) this little work horse will go and get them.

quick pit stop for a cup of tea, we always come prepared, just wait and see!

Next stop was to whip up a gorgeous breakfast

Scrambled eggs and smoked salmon!!!!! Hope you are impressed, I was!

kept getting over taken by cyclist powering past us, felt abit lazy.....


Or so we first thought, but they didn't move just bobbed up and down, came to the conclusion that they were 95% flotsam.....

Now for some arty shots, above is L'etacq at the south end of Sark, and below is Puffin Bay

At the north end of Puffin Bay is a small islet accessible only at low tide, its abit of a hairy climb down, and I didnt feel brave, so enjoyed watching Chris climb down and up it.

Then after his climb he wandered along the beach....

Then the next think I know he's stripped off

And joined me in becoming a March swimmer!
Then once Chris had got his fix off icy water and dried with the smallest towel known to man (literally the size of a flannel!) we set off again round the cliffs

past the beautiful Belvoir Bay, though very empty because it lost the lower part of its steps in the steps in the storms, so you cant get down and so has been closed, hope they get them fixed soon.
And on to Shell Beach and a very very low tide, later discovered it was an ormering tide, so there will be loads of islanders out in their waders foraging under rocks, up to their waists in seawater looking for delicious molluscs, yum!
Made it back to Rosaire Steps in time for the Trident, along with all the Lycra clad racers!

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