Wednesday, 12 March 2014

ooh so very very V.V!!!

I lived and worked in London in the late 90's, and my last job there was setting up and opening the second branch of V.V.Rouleaux in Marylebone High Street with my friend Cat.
Marylebone Lane, from V.V.Rouleaux website
This shop is an amazing ribbon grotto, there are literally thousands to choose from.
from V.V,Rouleaux website
I loved working there, we met some amazing people, made some pretty fantastic things, but must admit hated stock take, all those rolls of ribbon have to be unrolled and measured.......

from V.V.Rouleaux website
But when I left to move to Sussex, I brought loads of 5cm samples, thinking that one day I would need them as reference.  Not quite sure what?  But its always good to be prepared!

Roll forwards 15 odd years (ouch) and all those samples are still kicking around.

 and it was about time I did some thing with them,
 So ta dah, ribbon cards, little samples of V.V.Rouleaux
now just need to get them all packaged up,

And then deliver them to Lovely Pops in Mill Street.

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