Wednesday, 19 March 2014

A cozy corner

A long time ago, when I was a sixth former, our hang out was the Cosy Corner Pub, many great memories involving vodka and singing to Lily the Pink (still know all the words), Happy days!!!
Its now grown up and is called the Albion but what I wanted to mention is the fact its in the
 Guinness Book of Records.  
If you look at the photo below the pub is on the left (there has been one on this site since 1780) and the building on the right is the Town Church (which dates from the 1400 though parts may be older). 
 But its the gargoyle we are interested in, they are an ornate form of guttering, designed to project the rain water away from the side of the building. 
 And its this gargoyle that makes the pub the closes to a church in the British Isles.

Actually I think that gargoyle looks like he would like a drink, make his a pint of Breda!!!

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