Sunday, 23 March 2014

a good spring clean

First I must admit, I forgot my camera, so these photos are from a few years earlier.

Every year just as the season starts I spend a Sunday morning at the Tapestry Gallery with my chairman and some of our trustees.  Our job?  To give the panels and their cases a good clean inside and out.  Its also a brilliant chance to have a close look at the embroidery
Once each panel has been removed, we polish the glass inside and out, finger prints on the outside (you can judge the age of the owner by the height up the glass!) and mysterious smears (that we can never work out how they appear) on the inside. The silica gets replaced, to keep any moisture in the air away from the embroideries.  Then Sally our textile conservator takes over.

She checks over each piece literally with a fine tooth comb, or should I say fine tooth tweezers.
 All pieces of fluff are gently removed, and the whole panel looked over for damage. 
 So far none have been found, phew!

Well that's all done for another year and
 we were all very grateful for the buttered gauche that Jo brought in. 
 Hope all our visitors appreciate our hard work!

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