Tuesday, 11 March 2014

I did it! Cold but exhillerating!

My friend Olcay is one of the Polar Bear swimmers,
 the mad group of people who swim every day of the year.  
And yesterday I found myself suggesting that I joined her this morning, now I must add that yesterday it was beautiful and sunny, and this morning it was cloudy and windy.  
But if I can go in now then I can go in any time!
 Got down there for 9, and there were about ten swimmers, all smiley and chatty. 
 They have their little changing rooms well stocked with microwave, kettle and fridge. Perfect for making that restorative cup of tea!
Well here goes, its now or never.
And crumbs it was icy, but I got in, and swam a very quick circle, 

Olcay was very impressive and did two lengths

But I am so glad I went in, was glowing afterwards, its a brilliant way to start the day.  Everyone down there seemed to think that the more I do it, the longer I will be able to stay in, at the moment I am thinking about going down twice a week, so I will let you know if that happens!!!

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