Monday, 30 May 2016


Last weekend my sister was over with some of her school friends,
and on Sunday morning we went down with them to have a walk round Fort Grey.
It was a beautiful day but windy, but nice to be able to show people who hadn't visited before, Guernsey when she is looking her best (Saturday hadn't looked impressive at all! rain).

While we were down there we thought we would pop in to the Shipwreck Museum at Fort Grey,
but these days you need to get your ticket across the road at Guernsey Pearl.
And it was also a chance for me to ticket off one of my 'must do this summer',
which was go and see the roman ship Asterix, which came home last year.
The ship features in the middle of the first panel at the Tapestry. 
I remember it being found in 1982.
You are only aloud to dive in our harbour on Christmas Day, 
because of all the boat traffic the rest of the year, and that is when she was found.
Its thought that over the years as boats into the harbour have got bigger their propellers and bow thrusters had churned up the silt on the sea bed and at last making her visible. 
She has been in Portsmouth for the last 13 years
being restored by the same team that did the Mary Rose,
and its lovely at last to have back, and so close to the Shipwreck Museum, very apt!

You go into a little room, with good information boards in front and to your right
and the left had wall is dark glass.
If you are like myself and my sister,
you cup your hands to the glass and per in, just making out the shape of the ship. 
If you are like Chris, you approach more slowly, realise there is a very big button below the glass window with light written beside it, and press in, it all becomes clear!

I am not sure what the plans are for Asterix, but it is lovely to have her back

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