Monday, 16 May 2016

Greedy Gannets

My creative mojo is flowing again in stich as well as pen!
I wanted to add to my card range and one of my most popular is the Puffin,
so I have decided to concentrate on local seabirds.

My first to be tackled is the Gannet, an amazing bird that
dives head first into the sea at up to 62 miles an hour! 
Over here you tend to see them more round Alderney,
where you find the aptly named Gannet Rock home to 3% of the worlds population of Gannets.
They really are beautiful birds with very distinctive markings round their bills and eyes, perfect for my sort of embroidery.

But the unusual colouring on the backs of the heads
- very soft yellowy peach blending into the white -
proved impossible to achieve with applique and back stitch.
So I resorted to water colours and very slowly built up the layers of colour.

I don't do a lot of water colour, so I dug out my Mums old box, I love it, its so caked in colours, who knows how old some of the pigments are now, after all she has been gone for 20 years!

Really pleased with how he has turned out, right off to the printers and framers, will keep you posted!

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