Wednesday, 4 May 2016

sunshine is so liberating!!!!!

I had to share this photo from my walk to work,
I think summer is here!
Socks have gone, and I have the start of a watch mark on my wrist and the freckles are coming on well.  Everything is starting to grow in the garden and the sea is looking tempting rather than challenging!
Also a very good sign for the start of summer in Guernsey is a patriotic bloom of flags,
both the Guernsey flag ( a combination of the red cross of St George and the gold cross of William the Conqueror) and the Union Jack,
which can mean only one thing, Liberation Day!!!!
It wont be as mad as last years 70th Anniversary which saw nearly a third of the islands population crowd into St Peter Port, but its always great fun

and its lovely to see it being publicised in one of my favourite magazines!

If you want more information on 'what's on' on Monday 9th May, have a look here .
The Guernsey Tapestry will be closed that day,
but we will look forward to seeing you on the Tuesday. 
I will be taking time to enjoy our island and remember those like my father, uncle and grandparents who survived five years of Nazi Occupation, and probably raising a glass to them.

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