Saturday, 4 June 2016

My birds are ready to fly!

As I was chatting about in greedy gannets as few weeks ago, I have been focusing a lot this spring on sea birds that call the Channel Islands home.  I wanted to choose birds with very distinctive looks, some are easily confused when looking at just their heads,
such as Cormorants and Shags (snigger....), Herring Gulls and Lesser Black backed Gulls etc. 
 In the end I went the Shag as it turns out he is more common in our waters than the Cormorant and has a more impressive quiff!
The Herring Gull, cause he's every where
(especially at 4 am last Tuesday when a huge mob of them were attacking our bin bags, never new they could be quite so loud, it was unbelievable! And not in a good way...)

 And the Gannet, beautiful colouring and very distinctive markings round their eyes and bills.
 I have decided at the moment to only have the Gull and Gannet turned into cards,
who knows the Shag (snigger..) might happen later!

 The sharp eyed among you will have noticed that the birds in the cards are facing a different direction to the original embroideries.... 
 ....that's because the muppet that I am, had wanted the cards to work as a set with the Puffin I did a few years ago, but did I check which way he
All of my cards and new embroideries will be on display down at Arts Sunday tomorrow on the Sea Front, I will be somewhere between the Tourist Information Office and the Weybridge, so please do come and say hello!

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