Wednesday, 4 November 2015

the power of the community

As I mentioned in ebernezer-at-terres 
there is a big community project going on down at the bathing pools,
There were two Sundays where the call went out for 'all hands to the deck'
 to help clear all the over grown greenery, ivy, saplings, brambles and sycamores.
 Chris and I were able to go down for second one last weekend,
 and we were blessed with absolutely gorgeous weather for the 1st November!
They have already done some amazing work, the roofs on both the changing rooms at both the gentleman and horse shoe pools have been replaced, 
and I understand the roof of the changing room of the Ladies pool has been sealed 

Chris and I were on the team which which was clearing all the overgrowth round the Horseshoe pool

Other groups were clearing  the lookouts - picnic spots along the road, 
you can now look out from them!!! 

And they are fantastic views, you can really begin to see what it looked like when it was all first built

And can imagine elegant islanders promenading along at the turn of the century. 

still can't work out why these steps are here....

There are now great places to sit and thing and relax....

...looking out over the castle and over the Ladies pool

Which was looking so perfect, almost like mid summer not November!

I went back on Monday to take these photos and made the most of the gorgeous weather
and had a beautiful swim, with a cormorant for company!

Then coffee with Chris in the kiosk over looking Jethou.
It really is days like this that make me love these islands so much xxx

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