Saturday, 31 October 2015

Autumnal colours

Its the season of gold, red and umbers, it makes me want to wear woolly socks,
cook stews and light roaring fires. 
I love the change of seasons,
could not live where its hot all the time, must be so boring!!!!!
But its not just the leaves that changes colour but also the food, last weekend we picked up these gorgeous beasts, a Butternut that we all know at the back, a Turks hat on the right..

And these two High Sugars that are beautiful roasted whole with a knob of butter inside....yum

 I maybe the wrong side of 40, but could resist one to carve aswell
 Not sure why, but my pumpkins always seem to resemble Slimer from GhostBusters...
 ....but really pleased with how he came out, though that evening when I went to blow the candle out, I found two slugs crawling out his mouth...vile....but very Halloween!
On a slightly more grown up level, nothing was wasted,
the flesh has been made into a puree to go into a soup later,
and the seeds were roasted in olive oil, celery salt and smoked paprika, so very, very morish.


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