Monday, 18 August 2014

My Dr Dolittle shirt!

Its been a summer of swimming, but also of shirts! 
I have at last found some patterns that actually suit me, 
well I must admit to fiddling it,
 so shirt top right with sleeves from bottom right, for my first attempt. 
Actually, left out the collar all together. And was very pleased with it.  
Oh, got it from our local department store, Creasys.
Especially as found the alicecaroline site for a fantastic range of Liberty lawn,
 not a cheap fabric £22 a metre but for this pattern that was all I would need, 
and please tell me where you could get a Liberty shirt for £22??????

Absolutely feel in love with this print, the colours are brilliant, 
and adore the subtle sense of humour, I mean giraffes in trainers!!!
 So my trusty pattern came out again, but this time I lowered the neckline, 
and did the facings in pale blue gingham. 
 Absolutely thrilled with it, its so great to be actually making things that I can wear 
(that hasnt always been the case......)

But one of the best things was that it gave me a chance to use these beautiful antique bone elephant buttons that Chris brought me years ago, and I have been waiting for the right thing to put them on.
I mean what could be more perfect for my Dr Dolittle fabric than elephant buttons!

One thing, I hate using the button hole foot etc on my sewing machine,
 so I do them all the old fashioned way.

And a baby elephant to finish off the pleat on the sleeve.
Very proud of my Dolittle shirt!

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