Friday, 8 August 2014

30 Bays - part 3

July 15th, Perelle (17)
a beautiful evening down at Perelle, watching the tide creep up the beach and over the pier

July 16th, La Jaonnet (18) 
This was the bay that put the fear of God into 30 Bayers!!!  Well that might be abit over the top, but it is definitely the hardest to get too, and the fact it has the reputation of being the local nudist beach!  Well lets correct that first, the nudist beach isnt Jaonnet, its the one next door eastwards, but you have to walk round to it at low tide from Jaonnet, so there might be some over lap!!!!

And yes it is an effort to get down, but these cliff paths keep us fit don't they!!!!
Would rather walk the cliffs and hills than waste time in a gym any day .

But at least the rickety old ladder has now been replaced with a brand new shinny one, and it was a gorgeous swim, really really worth it. So go on go and explore La Jaonnet again.

 July 17th, no swim
Lazy day, tired, couldnt be bothered, sorry

July 18th, Bourdeaux Harbour (19)
the most industrial of our swims, but beautiful none the less, as long as you get the tides right,
we really should have been there an hour earlier.
Thats Vale Castle on the left

 July 19th, no swim
Sorry lazy again

July 20th, Moulin Huet (20)
This was an amazing early morning swim
Down at Renoirs favorite Guernsey beach, the tides are perfect, there was no wind at all, the sea was like glass, and it was a heavenly swim, I could out there for ages.

And there is a fantastic little beach cafe for well deserved tea and cakes after!

Le Crocq (21)
Then Claire and I decided to knock 3 of the small west coast beaches on their heads in one afternoon
Le Crocq was a revelation, 
a beautiful shingle beach, but with the most amazing 3 pronged slip way, haven't seen that before over here.

Richmond (22)
Then Richmond, at the south end of Vazon, lovely and sandy.

Port Grat (23)
And then the second revelation of the day Port Grat, a good fishing/swimming pier at the south end and a beautiful soft sandy beach at the other end (top right of the photo)
Gorgeous swimming, and the sea is now 18 degrees, an absolute record and no more jelly fish!
We didn't both to change between swims so fetchingly modeled our wraps, not a flattering garment, but oh so useful for preserving dignity! 

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