Monday, 4 August 2014

30 Bays - part 2

July 8th, Havelet again
Working, and busy, so just a quick dip down on the slip way on the way home, so refreshing
July 9th, Divette (9)
Claire and I decided to get two done this afternoon, Marble and Divette are next to each other on the east coast, rather a hike down the cliff path, but oh so worth it.

must admit that what I had always thought was Marble was actually Divette!
Marble (10)

They both really were little hidden gems, I will be back, especially Divette

July 10th, Portnifer (11)
Then a few more under our belt, not so sure about Portnifer, abit too rocky and seaweedy
Port Soif (12)
Port Soif as always a perfect beach, a little horse shoe cove 
but this time slightly inundated with purple jelly fish
nothing to worry about, they dont have long tentacles and if you do get stung,
its like a stinging nettle, so be brave!
Saline (13)
And last for today, Saline at the top of Cobo, probably the coldest today, 
but not bad as the temperature at the mo is 16 degrees, warmest sea temp on record for July!
July 11th, Portlet (14)
Then down at the bottom of the west coast with Chris, a lovely evening swim, though we were put to shame by the swimming club swimming from there to Fort Grey and back
 in preparation for the Guernsey Hem swim, ouch!

July 12th, L'Eree (15)
over cast and rather grotty day, so no photos, but glad we did it
July 13th, Fontenelle (16)
Up on the north coast, Fontenelle really as a lovely surprise, rocky, but a great swim
 July 14th, Ladies Bay (17)
Another grey day, but a good swim, its always worth it, you feel so invigorated once you are in 

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