Wednesday, 13 August 2014

30 Bays - part 4

July 21, Havelet
Sorry, very busy week, so another swim at my local
July 22 Havelet
and again! but both beautiful swims, refreshes the parts others cant reach (!) after a day at work!
July 23 Rousse
My step son is over and I have the day off, so headed up to Port Grat (that I discovered last week) and had a beautiful day lying on the soft white sun, while the boys pottered in the kayake.  But Port Grat had been done, so we walked across the head land and had a good swim at Rousse, along the pier to the post and back. An added bonus is the great kiosk for delicious crab sandwiches and home made cake, yummmm!

July 24 lazy
Working, then an exhibition opening, then out for super, so no time for swimming, feel something is missing...
July 25 Grand Havre
a very civilized swim up and down the bay while the boys tested out new snorkel and masks.  I know this sounds pathetic, but I don't like getting my face wet, salt water in eyes is not good, and goggles not attractive!
 July 26 busy - work and out to super, will make up for it tomorrow
July 27 Pembroke and L'Ancresse
The boys were out fishing yesterday, so while I did my longest swim, from L'Ancresse to Pembroke, Chris got cooking the mackerel and turbot for our lunch, with his parents as our guests. Totally delicious
July 28
lunch in Herm, very low tide, so no swim, but totally on top of the list.
July 29 Baie de Jaonneuse
Had never been here either, beautiful bay and beautiful swim, little whiffy of methane from the tip the other side of the headland, maybe you need to take wind direction into account when visiting this one!!!!

 July 30 Cobo
Ta da, we have made it, its the last swim, and every one is down here, its now over 500 of us, fantastic!!!
Its been so brilliant doing this, have explored parts of the island I didnt know very well, and have swam more than any other summer, and the weather has been so kind to us.
Thank you Claire for suggesting we do this, and I hope Les Bourg raise loads of money, pretty sure they will!!!!

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