Monday, 28 May 2018

Its nearly a pleasure again

photo from Visit Guernsey Library
Chris and I spend a very productive and satisfying day in the garden yesterday, 
a lot achieved including a very good sort of the shed! Much over due.

So after all that hard work in the sunshine we had earnt a swim, I forgot to take any photos which is why I have used one from Visit Guernsey, we weren't there at sunrise and we weren't at the Ladies Pool but at the Gents and it was high tide not low...….but I liked the photo!  
It was still a quick swim, but you are definitely noticing that it is warming up, 
its nearly a pleasure again, rather than a challenge. 
 After I got out and was waiting for Chris, a chap started chatting to me;

him; bet that was cold?!
me; well actually you really are noticing it is warming up now, it was lovely (smiling a lot)
him: hurumph…….(and wanders off)

don't think I gave him the answer he wanted or was expecting, but no need to be rude!

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