Saturday, 2 June 2018

That gold cross!

 I do always like a challenging question!

Well we all know that the Guernsey Flag is a mix of
 the Cross of St George and the Cross of William the Conqueror - Duke of Normandy.  
 But last week a gentleman who was a keen history buff
 said he had never seen Williams cross before,  stopping to think about it neither had I. 
 Later in town I bumped into the Head of Museums here, and so I asked him.

Turns out in 1066 William persuaded Pope Alexander 2 to send him a papal banner, 
to show him backing of Williams invasion plans.

 As you can see it is definitely the gold cross from the center of our flag.
 It also features a fair few time in the Bayeux Tapestry, though you do seem to have to know what you are looking for, its not obvious.
So we now know, and I bet you anything I am never asked that question again!!!!!

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