Friday, 28 October 2016

A memory map

A brilliant commission came my way this summer,
one that got me excited and inspired,
a moment of thinking why hadn't I thought of something like that!
A close friend of a very old friend of mine was leaving the island
and so she (and the rest of their gang) wanted to give
her and her family something to remember their time here. 
So that is how the Memory map started. 
Guernsey with places and events that were special to them. 
Then as it was from a whole group of friends, we marked each of their homes with a red circle and got them to each right a message which I then embroidered. 
Some the things featured included....

the Sark boat heading out of St Peter Port as they were huge fans of The Sark Folk Festival....

....little G-Joey coming into land...... creams on the beach.......

....our flag (will always chuck in some history if I can!).....

.....Torteval Scarecrow Festival, the reservoir and just in the image, the Hanois lighthouse...

....and just over the Cup and Saucer (Fort Grey) is a stork bringing one of their daughters home
(the other stork is flying into the hospital).
And just under the baby bundle you might just be able to make out the Table de Pion or Fairy Ring.
I did so enjoy this commission and very pleased it has been well received in its new home xxx 


  1. What a lovely gift! Your work is wonderful. Greetings from California.

    1. Thank you so much, I really did enjoy doing this piece, made lots of ideas flow! Thank you also for reading my blog ;-)