Friday, 14 October 2016

Water like silk

A few weeks of snuffles that never turned into a cold and a strong easterly wind have stopped my swimming over the last month.  But today, tide, wind and weather all came together to make it impossible to resist!
The light over the Ladies Pools was magical

And you can really see how the pools provide shelter,
the water is like glass reflecting the clouds above.

And the water was delicious, about 16 degrees and felt like silk,  I have often hear that said, but have never experienced it.  I suppose it comes from the air and water temperature being so close,
any way I didn't want to get out.

Our beautiful Victorian changing room, now fully equipped with really hot showers
and a lovely café on the roof

I am always amazed at the attention to detail off these stone masons, look at how beautifully the end of that wall flares out toward the base, so fluid.

And modern masons were also making the most of the fine weather
and cracking on repairing storm damage to the Children's Pool. 
These poor pools really were battered by the terrible winter storms about 5 years ago and slowly all the damaged is being repaired, the Horse shoe pool now has new railings
and its changing room are looking good, still work to be done on the stones.
But the worst hit was the Gentleman's Pool
which is the first one you come to as you walk along La Vallette.
The reason the men came first was so that they had no excuse to walk any further and so would not be able to ogle the women bathing in the Ladies Pool!
 Work has started and I have been assured it will be fixed but its complicated and costly, some thing about how the outer wall is curved and so moves ever so slightly with the ebb and flow of the tides.....think an engineer would be better at explaining it!

Beautiful pool, beautiful swim

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