Sunday, 6 November 2016

a November swim

The dreadful weather promised this weekend doesn't seem to have appeared, so yesterday morning Chris and I headed down for a swim.

And we werent the only ones, the changing rooms were heaving, those these guys were alot more hard core than me!  They were heading out to swim a route between the rock markers, they would be out for at least half an hour, not for me!
we prefer to wallow in the pools, its usually calmer, but yesterday the waves were still coming over, must still be Spring tides.
So a bit of a choppy one, but we are now in that strange situation when its warmer in the sea that out, 13 degrees as apposed to 10....

Chris needed the open water fix so did the little shunt between the pools, always alittle tricky when you actually swimming over the railings and the diving board is below the water!
and straight into the hot shower, but a winter swim is better than any coffee I know!
Stunningly dramatic skies
Then home to start the Christmas cake, I do Delia's Creole Cake where you marinate the dried fruit in rum, brandy, port, bitters and cherry brandy for a week, so the house is smelling incredible and I am feeling all toasty!


  1. Gorgeous photos. Sea and sky. The Christmas Cake sounds delicious.

  2. Even though the pure blue of a summer sky is beautiful, I think these Autumn skies are more interesting ;-)