Monday, 14 March 2016

Castle Craftsmen

Beautiful day yesterday, but very, very windy, loads of white horse!!!
But tucked away behind our shed it was warm enough for an out door lunch.  And now its getting lighter in the evenings, it feels wrong to be inside if the sky is still blue.
So we layered up (its a North Easterly wind....brrrr)
and decided to walk down to the light house and back.
In the evening light Castle Cornet looked beautiful,
and I just wanted to share with you my favourite part. 
Call me odd (you are odd Caro!)but I just love this corner.
It looks like the prow of a boat turned upside down.
The shape must have a purpose, maybe to deflect the pounding of the waves, though its facing St Peter Port and so wouldn't get the worst of the storms. So probably something boring like strength....
 The Castle was started in 1260 and this outer wall was added in 1570, by the then Governor Sir Thomas Leighton, who features in the 6th panel of the Guernsey Tapestry.
When you stop and think about it that really was an amazing achievement, as at that time the island the castle is on was not connected to Guernsey and with our huge 10 metre tides, to get the base of the wall solid and strong would have taken a lot of patients as well as skill.
From the side looking towards the bathing pools and Fermain
you can really appreciate the beautiful shape.
So next time you are down at the harbour have a lot at the amazing stone work that surrounds it, both above and below the tide line.

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