Saturday, 26 March 2016

inspiration is flowing

When I am stressed I find my creative spirit dries up. In the last few years, stuff happened that made me stressed, and when I flicked back through my sketch book it really was a drought. 
I still was making things, the quilt is a very good example,
it didn't need much creative input but it kept my fingers busy.
Then last Autumn it all started to get sorted and things started to flow again, and the strange thing is that you don't really notice it isn't there till it comes back.....if that makes any sense.
Then in February, after we were in Paris we headed down to Beaune near Dijon and one afternoon Chris brought me a little sketch book, and I found myself having an irresistible urge to doodle the stunning, wonky buildings. And I felt happy and satisfied.

And am finding it important to carry that on.
After sketching a Shag (birds heads, so much easier from a photo)
I have moved back to architecture again, I find it easiest to work from life and photos, so sketch of the Town Church and the bottom of Fountain Street was done from both. 
 I like to get a lot of details, and the photos help with that, especially when I zoom in.

Amazing how happy and satisfied it made me.
Lots of plans afoot for this little sketch.....

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