Thursday, 18 February 2016

Embroidered Cameo

A classic and traditional form of jewelry is the cameo, very popular with the Victorians. Made by very skilled craft men carving portraits of ladies through layers of shell.  It was a very expensive and exclusive but mass production in plastics have made them two a pence and to be honest a bit naff.
But after Christmas I was sorting out my decorations before putting them away in the attic. 
And I was looking at these little embroideries I did for my tree years ago, 
and I felt I needed to see them more often. 
The more I looked at them, they began to remind me of cameos, and I wondered if I could update the look.

Having chosen the two most similar

I cut off the loops, and beaded round the edges to form a frame

the kidney wires were twisted so they could lye flat on the back

And ta da they were done!
Must say I am rather pleased with them, and it has sparked loads of creative vibs, sketch book is buzzing now.....

.....but really not sure about this one!

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