Sunday, 8 March 2015

Remembering those brave men

 This week one hundred years ago 246 volunteers of the Royal Guernsey Militia 
left the island to join the Royal Irish Regiment. And so today the Cadets of the island were joined by representative from the RIR to commemorate this event.

Photo from Radio Guernsey FB page
They marched the same route, from Beaucamp school, which had been the base of the Guernsey Militia, down into town to the White Rock. From there they sailed to Weymouth and on to Fermoy in County Cork where they became D company in the 6th Royal Irish Regiment.  Please dont ask why we joined up with another country have absolutely no idea!

 Molly the Airedale lead the parade with pride and looked like she had been doing it all her life, I think she thought it was a great walk, and I dont know a dog yet that wouldn't love all that attention!

I seriously don't think this soldier would have passed the height requirement....

In 1915, nearly 15,000 people were waiting at the White Rock to see them off, 
that must have been very emotional.
I found it emotional today as alot of the cadets couldnt have been much younger than the volunteers...

 The Governor addressed the troops and recounted the story of those brave young men, one think that made me laugh, when in Ireland, the soldiers wouldn't take commands in English, only in Patois, that must have made them popular!!!!  
Then along the seafront for a service in the town church, 

Some of the re anactors who really helped with the atmosphere of the march,
So glad I went down to watch.

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